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Most other companies give three but we believe the extra time really does make the difference. You will get one minute to make your mind up between dates. Don't forget you don't have to totally make up your mind until the next day when you enter your matches online. Yes, of course, although they will not be able to stay in the room after the dating event starts.

By then you will have already started to meet plenty of people. Typically our clients are young professionals that simply don't have the time to meet as many new people as they would like. Our clients are normal, often very attractive fun people. Basically the kind of people you want to meet.

Yes, but please be aware that the majority of people will be aged within the age guide. Be realistic, and only book events where you are likely to meet people of a similar age to you. You are welcome to attend as many speed dating events as you wish. Most people that attend events are new to speed dating so you are unlikely to ever meet the same people twice at our events.

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Very occasionally we do offer cheap last-minute tickets if we have a late cancellation. These cheap tickets are only ever offered to past clients so in order to claim these you always have to pay full price for an event first. Yes - provided they are the same sex as you this will not be a problem.

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  4. Just give them a copy of your booking confirmation to take with them. We don't have a specific dress code. We would always suggest that you wear what you feel comfortable in but do make an effort. Some of our clients come from work so they are wearing business dress and others have time to get changed first - it's entirely up to you. Speed Dating Event

    Contact us to discuss the various opportunities available. Our client base is high earning year-old urban professionals. We have organised private corporate events, TV events, and several large business networking events too. We have worked with TV companies, PR firms and more over the years.

    The beauty of Speed Dating London lies in its no-nonsense approach. Most people who ridicule it are too afraid to try it, and far too many of us care too much about what other people think. Obviously, another plus is the fact that the person sitting in front of you is who they are, whereas online or on an app, that blonde bombshell with the great body could actually be a 65 year old man sitting at his computer in dirty boxer shorts eating pizza and drinking beer.

    About Veg Speed Date

    Got 5 Minutes to Meet Your Match? Debunking Speed Dating Stigma. There are several great things about Speed Dating, here are just a few: They are not coming to my events. This is beneficial in other areas of your life too. Make sure that you do this after each date to keep track.

    Got 5 Minutes to Meet Your Match? | Debunking Speed Dating Stigma

    Afterwards there is an opportunity for everyone to meet and mingle informally - this is often where the real action begins, so make sure you don't disappear too quickly! After the event you simply tick who you liked on the Original Dating website and the site works about your matches automatically. If the dates you have ticked as a "yes" have reciprocated you have a match. You will be able to view the first names and message them via our site online without revealing your email address until you are ready to.


    You'll be having proper first dates in no time. Great way to meet your perfect match? Without a doubt so book an event now and find out why the dating craze that started a decade ago is still going strong. What is a match?

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    8. How to I enter my preferences? How quickly can I view my matches? How many matches can I expect?

      The Speed Dating Event Format – Original Dating

      I've just entered my ticks but I don't seem to have any matches If no matches are displayed this doesn't necessarily mean you didn't receive any. Can I get the details of somebody that did not choose me as a match? As frustrating as this may be, you can only find out who you matched with directly.


      I've been to one of your events and I'm keen to find out which of my 'friendship' matches actually ticked yes to me.

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