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These people have been so overlooked that no one really knows where they came from, nor how long they have been here.

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It is evident that the Alabama Cajans are a mixture of a number of races and nationalities: Numerous stories regarding the origin of the group are told; however, none is known to be authentic. A typical tale is told by some of the old settlers in the southern part of the County. During the War of numbers of English pirates were forced to flee for their lives, and they came to Mobile. From the town they moved out into this section to escape punishment.

Here they married and intermarried with Spanish, French, Germans, American Indians, and Mexicans, and started the new mixed race of Cajans…. Comments Off on Interesting description of a group of people called Cajans around Mobile Alabama written before A Memoir in Black and White. A Memoir in Black and White is an arresting and moving personal story about childhood, race, and identity in the American South, rendered in stunning illustrations by the author, Lila Quintero Weaver.

As educated, middle-class Latino immigrants in a region that was defined by segregation, the Quinteros occupied a privileged vantage from which to view the racially charged culture they inhabited. Weaver and her family were firsthand witnesses to key moments in the civil rights movement. But Darkroom is her personal story as well: Weaver, who was neither black nor white, observed very early on the inequalities in the American culture, with its blonde and blue-eyed feminine ideal.

Throughout her life, Lila has struggled to find her place in this society and fought against the discrimination around her. Read chapter four here. Comments Off on Darkroom: Race, Marriage, and the Law of Freedom: Alabama and Virginia ss. Symposium on the Law of Freedom, Part I: Personal Liberty and Private Law pages In June , in a unanimous decision, the Court struck down all laws that made the racial identity of an American citizen a criterion for indictment and conviction for the crime of contracting a marriage.


Sexual relations across racial lines-whether within marriage or outside itproved a topic of judicial interest into the s for two reasons. First, many American states enacted and long retained statutes restricting such interracial relations, and second, some people sought to establish and maintain such relations whatever the law. This Essay focuses on the most forbidden thing of all: The Essay details the origins and application of laws against such marriages, and tracks the history of challenges in the courts to those laws.

Two states, Virginia in the Upper South and Alabama in the Deep South , together illustrate how the law related to sex, marriage, and interracial couples. Though the variations on a general theme are intriguing, the two states differed little in the outlines of their legislative or judicial histories on questions of miscegenation. Both states criminalized sexual and marital relations of an interracial nature. In both states, any number of cases developed at the local level, as the courts dealt with indictments for violating the antimiscegenation laws.

At the appellate level some defendants brought appeals on constitutional or other grounds. The legal environment in each state was shaped by a decision from the other state. Four cases, two from Alabama and two from Virginia, went to the U. In , Pace v. Alabama supplied a major precedent in favor of the constitutionality of antimiscegenation statutes.

In two cases in the s, Jackson v. Alabama and Naim v. V irginia , the Court skirted the issue and left Pace intact. In , in Loving v. Virginia , the Supreme Court finally reversed Pace and established a new law of race and marriage throughout the nation. Only in the s, a full century after Emancipation , did the Supreme Court declare statutes against interracial marriage unconstitutional. Only then did the law of slavery and racism defer at last to the law of freedom and racial equality.

The law that the Lovings challenged in the s had its origins in the seventeenth century. In Virginia, slavery and antimiscegenation legislation developed together.

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In Alabama, by contrast, laws restricting interracial marriage originated only in the s. In both states, such laws reached their fullest development in the years between and , that is, in the generation after the Civil War and Emancipation.

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Moreover, in both states the legal definitions of white and non- white shifted in the early twentieth century, such that residents with any discernible African ancestry were classified as nonwhite something not the case in the nineteenth century. When the Lovings married each other in , no constitutional challenge to antimiscegenation laws had succeeded in any federal court.

The American system of marital Apartheid no longer held sway in many states outside the former Confederacy , but in the South it showed no promise of relinquishing its control. That system had its origins, at least in Virginia, as far back as the s. It had grown more powerful as slavery had.

It had continued to grow more powerful into the s and s. As late as the s, efforts to challenge the system in state and federal courts alike in both Alabama and Virginia had come to naught. Yet, the Lovings prevailed in their challenge. This Essay tells the history of the system they challenged and outlines the story of that challenge and its aftermath….


Educator, Mother, Wife, And Suffragist, Adella Hunt Logan was a woman trapped between two worlds. She was a mulatto who suffered from the pressures and injustices of Jim Crow America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Adella often led a life full of contradictions that can be attributed to her social status as well as her mixed racial heritage. Nonetheless, her efforts at advancing the cause of lower-class blacks and the students and teachers at Tuskegee Institute cannot be denied.

This study discusses Adella Logan in terms of race, class, and gender. It is the story of an African American woman, an unusual American family, and the world she lived in. Read the entire dissertation here on of after It was among the most notorious criminal cases of its day. On August 11, , in Birmingham, Alabama , a Methodist minister named Edwin Stephenson shot and killed a Catholic priest, James Coyle , in broad daylight and in front of numerous witnesses.

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Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black to lead his defense. Entering a plea of temporary insanity, Black defended the minister on claims that the Catholics had robbed Ruth away from her true Protestant faith, and that her Puerto Rican husband was actually black. Placing the story in social and historical context, Davies brings this heinous crime and its aftermath back to life, in a brilliant and engrossing examination of the wages of prejudice and a trial that shook the nation at the height of Jim Crow.

Comments Off on Rising Road: A negro man was on trial, charged with living in adultery with an alleged white woman. As the parties were seated within the bar of the court, they formed an interesting group. The man was as black as midnight, and in appearance, showed prominently every characteristic of the African make up.

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The woman, on the other hand, was white of skin and had in every liniament of her features the Caucassian cast of countenance. Their two boys, aged respectively about 8 and 10, sat between the black father on the one side and the white mother on the the other, and were of a yellow or copper color. The defense was based on the position that the woman, although white to all appearances, was yet of mixed blood.

The state conceded that if the woman was of such mixed blood, as in contemplation of law, she would be deemed a negro; that then the man could not be found guilty. But the state insisted that if the woman was in fact, or in law, a white woman, that then her marriage with the defendant was unlawful and invalid, and the living together being admitted, the man would be guilty as charged. So the case tuned on the point whether the woman was of white or mixed blood.

On this point the woman herself testified that as far back as could remember she was living with negroes; that she had never seen either of her parents, but that her mother was a white woman, and she had been told that her father was a bright mulatto or part Indian. No other positive testimony was introduced.

The court charged as requested. It cropped out incidentally in the discussion that although it is unlawful for whites and negroes to intermarry, yet one of aboriginal blood may marry either white or black according to his own supreme election and not be subject to any legal penalty.

So that, if one is arraigned on a charge of miscegenation , they have only to induce the belief that they are of Indian origin and thereby escape the clutches of the law. There are some curious things in municipal as well as natural law. In this case the verdict was not guilty. I took the opportunity to ask Richard a few questions. Richard met Lynielle in the architecture program at Auburn University in , the year that the interracial marriage ban was finally taken off the books, and after years of friendship, they finally made things official and were married in Their first child, Olive, is just over five weeks old.

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Ironically, as they later found out, their families go way back. I believe they were good friends. When asked if anyone had ever voiced opposition to his relationship with Lynielle, Richard seemed stuck between a yes and a no. And that says enough sometimes. Lynielle later elaborated on the subject. Richard was somewhat prepared for the teasing. Lynielle and Richard are sensitive to the fact that they are raising a biracial child.

The first glimpse I got of Olive was of her sleeping, laying on her back in an unsnapped hot pink and green onesie.

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