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The earliest identified reference comes in an advertisement in , offering an oak Oxford frame for an image of the Nativity Illustrated London News , 14 January , p. Frames with crossed projecting corners can be found as long ago as the Romano-Egyptian period, for example on a portrait of a young woman in the British Museum, dating perhaps to AD [note 4].

However, it is unlikely that ancient frames of this kind influenced the evolution of the Oxford frame since they did not become known until the late 19th century. Oxford frames excited mixed reactions.

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Micklethwaite in his book Modern Parish Churches in In Percy Fitzgerald, writing in the Art Journal , claimed that: The eye turned away offended at the "spiky" character of the whole. This, however, is happily disappearing'. But their popularity endured. Oxford frames became associated with certain sorts of appropriate good taste, as can be seen from two 19th-century reports, both relating to settings where children were brought up or educated.

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In his survey of orphanages in The Terrible Sights of London , Thomas Archer identifies the articles necessary for the comfort of such communities: A more overtly religious context is described in a report by Mary MacKillop on the Catholic convent and school at Hillgrove, Australia, in May Oxford frames were often used in domestic settings for framing prints and watercolours, as contemporary reproductions of interiors show.

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The code consisted of three parts, the first as two letters giving month and year respectively, the second was a five digit number and the third a model code.

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The engine and frame received the same markings. After dating and identifying many thousands of BSA's we have found that often a bike was built or shipped outside the dates given by the lettering system so this should only be used as a rough guide to the year and month of your machine.

The numbering started at the beginning of each season and always started at leaving the first 99 for experimental use. The numbers were consecutively allocated throughout a model range so as an example all B group machines were lumped together irrespective of whether they were a B25 or B Sometimes they were despatched months earlier or later so the lettering system should just be taken as a rough guide. The model designations are as follows. The years given are all model years: Rocket Three five speed - A75RV, and A75V - and Royal Star A50R - through to Thunderbolt A65T - through all years. Police Special A65P - through all years. Lightning A65L - through all years. Firebird A65F - and Lightning A70L Note in the frames for the twins were marked A65 with no model designation, from XG.

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