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Hydro for more than two decades. Provincial demand for electricity over that time has grown by just two per cent from until , or about 0. Demand last year was actually lower than it was in The combination of a dramatic increase in debt and capital spending, accounts brimming with IOUs from future ratepayers and a decline or flattening in demand will ensure that ratepayers will see their monthly bills going in one direction: You can reach Brady by email at: To find out more visit the Living Wage Campaign.

BC Hydro rate shock powered by lies

But you pretty much have to go above that threshold once in a while if you heat a house with electricity, even with a heat pump. A study of the two-step billing system was included with B.

The Hook: Political news, freshly caught

About 35 per cent of customers on the Island always paid the Step 2 rate, versus 25 per cent overall. Paying the higher Step 2 rate is probably more common for Islanders because more households here use electricity for space heating and water heating.

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  • Bleeding Hydro still pays dividends to Liberal Govt!
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  • Lower Mainland customers are least likely to pay the higher Step 2 price. They are smaller dwellings, which require less energy to heat. A reader suggests that it would be fairer for Vancouver Island customers if B. Hydro billed monthly instead of every two months.

    How do I apply for an electrical connection?

    They could still send the bill every two months, but come up with a way to calculate Step 2 consumption by the month. On a March-April bill, for example: It might be impractical to cut consumption in March at a house heated by electricity. But in April, the lower rate is within reach, and knowing that, a household would try harder to conserve.

    All sorts of math was likely done to come up with the existing system, to ensure B. Hydro doesn't lose a bucket of money from having too many kWh billed at the lower Step 1 rate.

    News travels fast

    You must work for the government…We already pay taxes that should pay for schools, etc. Dividends from gas bills should not be necessary. It is the reality of the corporate life that when producers are desperate for cash and they have a surplus of what they produce and wish to sell they take prices lower.

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    It is hard two imagine why anyone is willing to champion the case of IPPs who are clearly simply parasites in BC. I am a Senior citizen and have lived in BC for most of my life. The Governments of past have helped and not helped me. It seems this government has become apart of the political Mafia.

    Wynne on high hydro costs: 'Time to fix those mistakes'

    The part truths of open government is apparent to me that we only need to pay and shut up. The money that is taken out of the province and gone to wherever leaves a big question.

    Why B.C. Hydro bills sting more on Vancouver Island | Times Colonist

    When are the tax payers going to get something for their money. This government has failed us and what can we do to have some accountability. We in this fine province have the highest taxes, the highest costs in living expenses, the least amount of social services for the amount of money paid in taxes and it is getting even more expensive for all of us.

    For people on fixed incomes are now at the poverty level and nothing has been done to help those people. John Hart blocks one of the most productive salmon runs in the world. So why is it not astronomic as Damian claims?

    The point is they are both unnecessary. I agree that the cost of Site C would be astronomic, at est. Too many jobs in BC and everyone is living like a king — so why not help the Americans with jobs? On the other hand, the previous two decades, BC Hydro had to import power most of the time, and the dams did not spill and have had huge storage capacity.

    So is Rafe saying he rather buy dirty coal fired power from Washington State and send our dollars south so jobs are created in Washington and jobs are lost in BC, because of his hatred of private competitive, cheap, and clean power? And Washington State power is not cheap.

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