Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines

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Machines for Sale Valuations Books. Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide.

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I have a short Youtube clip on the machine as well. There were good years and bad with sewing machine production so numbers can vary greatly from year to year. This is the pre model without automatic tensioner and no letter A prefix before the serial number. To work out a n approximate date of for the A series only for machines with the letter A, Automatic, before the number try this formula.

The lower part of the open section supported the cloth plate. The design of the head, intentionally or not, formed a perfect letter G, the initial of the inventor.

Willcox and Gibbs Hand Stitch Straw Machine

Additional patents were also granted to James Willcox for a leg and treadle design and to Charles Willcox for mechanical improvements. It has not been possible to secure information on records of serial numbers from the late s through the s to aid in dating machines of that period. Add this to Approximate year of manufacture Divide the serial number by 8, and then add By averaging the two dates in the middle, using both methods, you may get close to your manufacturing date. Although there were literally hundreds of different chain stitch models they were all very similar.

No one has yet come up with why it had this base? This however does not explain the uniformity of the scallops, unless all the damage occurred in the same places each time! For example a simple change to the tension denoted another number. The incorporation of the new Willcox needlebar, another number. The grooved needle another. First class agents sought for Jamaica and the West Indies. E Vernon, sewing machines supplied from our own houses. Below is the hat machine model Really very similar to the 64 but with a free-arm sleeve, different tensioner, threading and far larger feed to help the hats through.

A rare machine today since the decline in hat sales. Once all the main patents ran out manufacturers were entitled to copy the best idea on the market. These ran from 7 to 14 years maximum. I missed this one at auction and still kick myself.

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Manufacturing moved to Belvedere Illinois where a huge factory grew employing hundreds of skilled workmen. They made a large range of machines supplying all the usual stores and outlets. He remained in charge until his death in though the company continued on for many years.

Some of them very rare today. The pre models had a glass tensioner models and are now extremely rare. Actually I prefer the early machines with the adjustable tension, oh, and they are worth a lot more. The most perfect regularity and beauty of any sewing machine. Gold medal winners Vienna Below is a picture from one in my collection. They rarely survive in this condition and it is worth looking at your normal machine and comparing the differences, there are many. Civil War enthusiasts love this model as the stitch it makes is the real thing that men in uniform would have had there clothes made on.

It is worth noting the differences.

Willcox & Gibbs Survey

Some also came on deeper wooden bases. Now, with the average wage at under ten shillings a week in Britain this represented a sum of 12 weeks wages! What would that be today. Now you see why they are such good buys on Ebay. Grab one while you can before they rocket again! You can understand why these beauties have survived, they were built with no expense spared and were little masterpieces of Victorian engineering. Today technology has marched on but you will never beat this model for sheer quality.

How Many, and When?

Also Otto Carl Goltz who also had premises in Antwerp was a possible agent. The James Gibbs sewing machine J ames Gibbs sewing machine. James did not only make the usual models , this is from an patent application. In New York the address became , West 39th Street. Branch offices were all around the world. Belfast, 12 Dublin Street. Glasgow 80 West Nile Street. Leeds, New Briggate. Brussels, Rue Royale.

Leicester, 94 High Street. Manchester, 83 Mosley Street. Manchester, 16 Cross Street.

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Nottingham, 25 Castle Gate. Paris, 20 Rue des Petits Champs. The y import ed castings from their foundry in the USA. With Beaver computer controlled machines the castings were machined and then built into industrial sewing machines. T he finished s e wing machines were sent to America and supplied to retailers around Europe. The rest of the work was precision engineering for MOD and Seagull marine engines. At one point MEC-Willcox was the largest distributors for sewing machine parts in the world.

They had come a long way from their roots in New York. Tricky little blighter to operate. They advertised relentlessly bombarding the public with their version of the chainstitch. Old Chain Stitch machines produce a stitch so deficient in principle that it can never be relied on. The Seams produced by our machines has none of the defects mentioned. They produce a stitch so reliable, so perfectly effective and so under control that a child may manage our machines successfully. And now for a little fact Leland, one of the men at the Bown e and Sharpe factory went on to devote the skills that he had learned on sewing machines to good use, forming the prestigious Cadillac Car Company.

How about that for a cracker! I have not tracked down the factory yet but the search is on! I need my cape, magnifying glass and pipe. It may have been a tax import dodge and just constructed in France. David was factory foreman for Willcox and Gibbs at their Poole factory in Dorset for several years. They also made pulleys for the flatlock and also loopers for the overlock machines. The components were made to very close tolerances, typically the thickness of the loopers was tied down to 6 tenths of a thousandth of an inch over 4 components. As an example, a human hair is about 3 thousandth of an inch thick.

The blade of a looper was about 32 thousandth of an inch thick and we had to hang a 7lb weight from the end and the looper must not take a permanent set or bend. The Poole factory also made the rotating hook for the earlier machines. These were made from investment castings. The shaft was ground to size and had a flat milled on to it. A washer was soldered onto the shaft to but up against the end of the shaft running under the machine.

The hook was polished all over and machined and polished so the hook was in the correct position. We were still making these hooks in the early s. I was told that although old, these machines were in daily use making straw hats for the locals. I believe Taiwan may have been mentioned.

dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines
dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines
dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines
dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines
dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines
dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines

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