How do i hook up skype

Setup Skype on Mac

What Do You Need to Use Skype?

You can make a video call if you have a webcam by clicking on the "Video call" button, alternatively click on "Call" to make a voice only call. Basically a VOIP program converts audio and video during a call into data and sends it over the Internet. Since it is free to send data, once you pay your broadband bill Skype cashes in on this and allows calls between computers to be free. There is no charge for voice or video calls between two computers - They are entirely free!

You can call regular land line or cell phone numbers using Skype. The call charge is made up of a fixed setup cost and a per minute cost. For example, a call from the U. This makes Skype great for making international calls. Skype can be configured so that when you ring someone on their cellphone or landline, a chosen number appears on the callee's caller ID unit or phone. You could for instance pick your cell phone number. This lets the callee know who is calling.

Another feature of Skype is "Skype to Go".

This allows you to call a number from your landline or cell phone. This is useful if you want to call someone in another country, or even make non local calls in the same country that might normally incur high call charges because of the distance. A local number is then generated that you call from your phone. A self service menu allows you to pick the number you wish to contact.

Since the number is local, it is charged at local rates. This is useful if you wish to call someone abroad or if you are abroad yourself and want to call home. You don't need to call from a device running Skype such as a computer or smartphone to use this feature, but you must have a Skype account An "Online Number" makes it possible for people to call you on your computer or smartphone running Skype, from their landline or cell phone.

To pay for calls to land lines and cell phones, you can choose a "pay as you go" prepaid option or pay a monthly subscription charge. The latter works out cheaper per call if you are a heavy user. You can make a video call if you have a web camera or webcam for short. You don't have to do this and can just make a voice call, if you don't want to be seen!

Most new computers have an inbuilt webcam.

How to Set Up Skype

Alternatively you can buy one and plug it into a USB socket. A feature which can be useful is share screen. If someone is helping you sort out a problem on your computer, this facility allows them to watch everything that is happening on the screen of your computer. It is possible to send files to the other computer and also SMS messages to cell phones.

A disadvantage of Skype is that it often suffers from anomalies.

3 Easy Steps to Setting Up Skype on a Computer

For instance the connection can drop or there can be short periods during a call when either party cannot hear each other. It sometimes happens that you get a "stuttering" effect where the last word that a person says is rapidly repeated. This is because of the higher quality of microphones and loudspeakers in a computer.

Did You Find this Article Useful? Is Skype the only way of making free calls? With the right cords and software, connecting your laptop to your TV for video calls is simple.

What Is Skype?

One of the most challenging aspects of this process is finding the correct connector for the job. You must determine which type of connection options are available for both your TV and your laptop. If both your TV and your laptop have the same connection, then all you need is that type of cord to connect them.

Some older TVs may not have any connections which can be used to connect your laptop.

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Sometimes, you may need to use multiple cables to connect the two devices or an adapter that converts from one connector to another. HDMI is the preferable method because you only need one cord and it provides the highest quality video. With some of the other methods, the video and audio quality will be lacking. Once you determine which cords to use, plug the appropriate end into the laptop and the other end into the connection on the back of the TV. If your television and your laptop do not share the same type of port, an adapter will be necessary. Download Skype for Windows.

Double-click the downloaded executable SkypeSetup.

Check the Run Skype when the computer starts if you wish to. Click I agree — next. Start Skype by double-clicking the newly created Skype icon on desktop. Enter your Skype Name and Password. Under the Audio settings on the left-hand, test your microphone, speaker and ringtone. Similarly check your webcam under the Video settings. If you do not have a Skype account, you can signup for Skype. This guide will help to configure the microphone and speakers so that optimum performance can be achieved.

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  7. Click that contact and make a call. You will then be asked to record your voice which will be again replayed to you to test your microphone. Download Skype for Mac. A window that opens will allow you to select the download location and click Save to download the Skype. Once downloaded, open it and drag the Skype icon to the Applications folder link.

    The user can now easily access Skype and use it to make calls anytime, without having to pay a cent. Like Skype for iPhone, Skype for Android provides Android users with all of the functionality of Skype instant messaging software. Skype for Android allows users to conduct audio and video calls, instant message with friends, and call other phones while using Skype rates. Other than that, it possesses almost all the functionality that comes bundled in a desktop version. It is mentioned at the Windows Phone website that this app is still a work-in-progress, therefore few minor features may not work as expected.

    Skype for Blackberry has the same features as both of the aforementioned programs. Skype Mobile allows users to instant message with friends, make video calls, and call Skype users for free. Skype is best-known as an instant messaging software, despite its many other features. With Skype, users can have conversations with their friends and family in real time no matter where they are.

    Skype users can also have multiple conversations at once, participate in group conversations, and send SMS to mobile phones. Skype makes instant messaging exciting by including a number of emoticons. Calls and Videos Skype is more than just instant messaging as it also allows you to make calls and have video conversations with other Skype users.

    In Skype, audio and video work very much like instant messaging does.

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